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If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse all current or future use of the Site (or any portion thereof).


You may not upload any content that:

Is sexually explicit (eg. pornography).

We do not allow sexually explicit content, i.e. pornography. This includes content that depicts sexual acts in an explicit manner. Exceptions to this policy may be accepted, at our sole discretion, if the content serves a purpose that is medical, educational, naturalistic and documentary depictions of human bodies, or artistic representations. If you think your content might be falling into the restricted content pool, please contact 

If you fail to comply with this term, all your content will be removed from the platform and servers.

Exploits or endangers minors.

We do not allow any form of content that was created through the exploitation of, or that is in any way harmful to children and minors. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Content that sexualizes minors, or child sexual abuse material (CSAM)
  • Content that invites or encourages minors to engage in any form of harmful or dangerous activities

Content featuring child nudity is not permitted under any circumstances and will be removed from the platform without prior notice. 

If the content in question is suspected of containing CSAM, we will immediately block the account and report the incident to the authorities.

Is hateful, or discriminatory, or defamatory, or incites hatred against any individual or group.

Although we advocate the freedom of speech, we do not allow, condone or host hateful and discriminatory speech directed at groups or individuals. This includes but is not limited to: expressions focused upon personal characteristics of that individual or group; messages of inferiority or contempt towards an individual or a group, based on any of the following: ethnicity, race, national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental of physical disability, or age.

The following content may be considered categorical hate speech.

  • Content that calls for segregation, exclusion, or insults groups (i.e. minorities) using recognized slurs or similar terms or jargon
  • Content showcasing or promoting a symbol of hate for no valid purpose
  • Content advocating, celebrating, or justifying genocides, or other crimes against humanity
  • Content advocating, celebrating, or justifying any form of violence against an individual or group based upon personal characteristics, self-identity, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, etc.
  • Content spreading racial superiority theories or views of any kind
  • Content promoting or spreading conspiracy theories about specific groups or individuals, including but not limited to claims of fraud or other illegal activity without proof. This type of content can have real-life ramifications on the individuals and groups involved, and we will not allow it on our platform
  • Defamatory content that contains provably false statements of fact about a person or a group, with the intent to harm the inflicted parties’ reputation

We reserve the right to remove any content described in the above section without prior warning. 

Promotes or supports terror or hate groups.

We do not allow content that aims to spread propaganda in the effort to radicalise individuals or groups. We also do not allow content created by, or directly in support of any domestic or foreign hate or terror groups. Calls for violence will not be tolerated, and this form of content and related channels can be removed immediately upon discovery, without prior notice.

Is harassing or abusive.

We do not allow any form of content that seeks to harass, is or encourages abusive behaviour to any individual or group. This includes but is not limited to: shaming, bullying, cyber bullying, threatening, intimidating, insulting, or calling for violence against any group or individual, regardless of their private or public status.

Depending on the context and the intent of content, we may allow some forms of critical commentary of public figures, if the content does not constitute harassment, or calls for violence against that individual.

Contains false or misleading claims about health-related information, and vaccine safety that has a serious potential to cause harm.

We don’t allow any form of health or treatment-related content that might cause or encourage people to partake in unproven or untested treatments, or to refrain from taking indicated precautions or treatments recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We also do not allow any direct or indirect claims that an epidemic or pandemic (such as COVID-19) are conspiracies. 

In addition, we do not allow, and will not host content that claims vaccines are unsafe for a general population unless these claims are proven to be substantiated by the CDC or WHO. 

This includes, but is not limited to, claims that vaccines may:

  • Cause or contribute to childhood autism; or are note safe to infants
  • Vaccines are not necessary to combat the spread of an infectious disease
  • Contain unsafe toxins or technology; or that naturally acquired immunity is better than vaccine-acquired immunity

We reserve the right to remove any content described in this section without prior warning.

Violates any applicable law.

We abide by the U.S. local and federal Laws and Regulations. As such, we also abide by the international copyright regulations, and any law applicable by international treaties.

Any content in violation of these laws will be removed without prior notice.

Contains information or instruction assembling explosives.

Content that provides instructions on how to create homemade bombs or any form of firearms is not allowed on the platform and will be removed without prior notice. This includes, but is not limited to homemade firearm recipes, instructions on how to modify manufactured firearms to increase their lethality, capacity, or effectiveness, through non-standard or prohibited means.

Promotes fraudulent or dubious business schemes or proposes unlawful transactions.

We do not allow content that is based on any form of illegal activity, or that promotes or encourages viewers participation in any form of unlawful or fraudulent behaviours. These include but are not limited to illegal services or products, illegal schemes (like Pyramid schemes.

Depicts unlawful acts or extreme violence.

We do not allow content that depicts any form of real-life unlawful acts, or extreme violence against humans or animals. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Content showing humans or animals being tortured, physically or sexually abused, killed, or murdered in real-life situations
  • Content depicting or encouraging any form of self-harm or self-mutilation in real-life situations
  • Content showing gruesome real-life images

Content reporting on real-world situations, i.e. journalistic showcase of an aftermath of violent events may be allowed on the platform, in certain situations, as long as they’re shown for pure informative purposes, and are not exploitative or sensationalistic in nature.

Depicts or encourages self-harm.

We take the question of safety and, both mental and physical, health very seriously. As such, we do not allow content that depicts or encourages self-harm or death by suicide. This includes, but is not limited to content that encourages, or glorifies, or gives instruction on eating disorders, self-harm, or death by suicide.

Content created to educate the public, raise awareness and help others will be allowed, even if it features dramatization, or open conversation about depression, self-harm, death by suicide or other mental health issues.

Depicts animal cruelty or extreme violence towards animals.

Content depicting real-life cruelty to animals, extreme violence, or purposeful endangerment of animals for the sake of entertainment will be removed from the platform without prior notice. 

Infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights (e.g., trademark, privacy rights, etc.)

You must ensure that you have all the necessary rights to upload, publish, or monetize the content prior to uploading it to the platform. Your content may not infringe any other third-party rights, including trademark rights and privacy rights.

If you include any music, stock footage, images or any other form of copyrighted material in your content, you must have all the appropriate rights, as well as proof of those rights. 

If your content is flagged for any form of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or is in violation of privacy laws, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to prove your rights to usage. If you fail to comply with the request made by the company, or legal teams acting on behalf of the company, or fail to prove your rights of usage, your content will be removed from the platform. 

Contains false information or misleading information about voting or elections.

Content that spreads false, or misleading information regarding voting regulations, eligibility, registration, as well as voting methods, that could result in infringing on the voting rights of any individual, will be treated as malicious and will be removed from the platform.

Misinformation and commentary about U.S. Elections

We do not allow, and we reserve the right to remove, any content that spreads false or misleading information or provably false claims about the procedures, as well as the results of any election. 

Due to its proven capacity to incite real-life violence, we don’t allow, and will remove, any content insisting on unproven claims that the 2020 US presidential election was fraudulent or illegitimate in any way.

Promotes conspiracy theories lined with hate speech or that can be classified as defamation.

Content containing conspiracy theories that call for hate, causes defamation of character, or incites violence against any individual or a group is not allowed on the platform. This includes false or misleading claims related to public safety, public health, or vaccination. The company reserves the right to remove this form of content without prior notice.


You are required to register with the Platform. You agree to keep your password confidential and will be responsible for all use of your account and password. We reserve the right to remove, reclaim, or change a username you select if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such username is inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.


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