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OODLE TV’s emergence of a blockchain-powered content streaming platform will redefine freedom of speech, content ownership and rewards.

Built with Freedom of Speech in Mind

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Decentralised, Cencorship Resistent Content

Our platform represents a quantum leap forward in the evolution of content on the internet. 

This shift provides a level of transparency, security, and autonomy unseen in other content platforms before. Through blockchain technology, content on OODLE TV becomes immutable and fosters an environment of trust among its content creators and viewers enabling unprecedented levels of collaboration and innovation.

Empowering Content Creators Through Token Staking

OODLE TV introduces the revolutionary concept of Tokenized Production Funds, a feature that enables viewers to participate in the success of their favorite content creators, in a manner that is akin to revenue sharing in the film industry. By staking tokens in these production funds, viewers effectively become co-owners of the content of their favorite content creators.

This unique approach fosters a deeper sense of engagement and collaboration between creators and their viewers. By leveraging blockchain, OODLE TV ensures that each member receives their fair share of the revenue, making content creation a shared and mutually rewarding endeavor.

OODLE TV allows content creators to monetise their content to earn at least 4 to 10 times more than they would on other platforms.

Our Creators

Join other leading creators and be part of this powerful Web 3 global community.

Scott Mcdonald Football player

Scott McDonald is a retired well-known Premier League football player.

Tashia Asanti – AUTHOR

Awarding Author Tashia Asanti debuts her new original content ALL THINGS WITH LOVE a new talk show style concept.

Peter Schiff – Financial Personality

Peter and Darby met through the Euro Pacific Bank 60 minutes expose that turned out to be fake news and cause the ultimate demise of the bank and the death of Peters partner.

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