Darby James Angel

With over 25 years of experience in Start-Ups and Mergers & Acquisitions in IT, the film and media industry and commodity trading. He is a consummate entrepreneur with a long track record of success.

Prior to founding OODLE TV, he established AngelWorld Entertainment, a production company that specialized in developing and producing content across various platforms. Additionally, as a physical commodities trader, he has traded goods on the ground in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. However, the onset of Covid-19 caused irreparable damage to the commodity business leading him to pivot and digitize commodity goods trading with OODLE Marketplace and then onto OODLE TV.

As the CEO of OODLE TV, he brings his wealth of experience and expertise to lead the company towards success. He is passionate about empowering content creators and providing them with a platform that offers them a diverse range of voices and perspectives to give their audience.

Beyond his role as CEO, he also serves as the host of OODLE TV. He helps others tell their story to a global audience. Darby’s leadership, vision, and commitment to excellence have been integral to the growth and success of OODLE TV, and we are confident that under his guidance, OODLE TV will continue to thrive and innovate in the content streaming industry.